Industry Solution: Pest Control

Evolve Transforms the Pest Control Industry

Evolve is an End-to-End Field Service Management application for companies that perform residential and commercial pest management services.  From Millennials to Baby Boomers, Evolve provides Pest Management organizations the tools they need to interact with all of their residential customers.  Commercial service providers also get integration with Copesan, a customer portal and extensive commercial reporting.  

Key Benefits for Pest Control Organizations

  • A single platform that scales to support multi-branch, multi-service line operations
  • Evolve fully supports sales and service activities
  • Smart Scheduling and advanced route optimization features to efficiently schedule customers for service
  • Field users can see all past and future service appointments on their smartphone or tablet as well as all historical customer documents, photos, diagrams and notes
  • Mobile application that speeds field data collection and generates service documents that can be signed electronically by the customer 
  • Personal, automated texts or emails generated within minutes of completing service inviting customers to submit a review
  • Flexible invoicing and payment processing capabilities, including a “set and forget” auto-charging capabilities
  • Recurring services can be set to auto-renew and create service work orders over the duration the renewed agreement
  • Robust commission management and reporting

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Key Features

Copesan Integration

Copesan suppliers can leverage Evolve’s integration with the Copesan Supplier portal to receive service work orders, report completed commercial services and comply with Copesan’s documentation requirements.


  • Technicians have a well organized, complete view of all historical services and information
  • Barcoding scanning of bait stations
  • Easy capture of site conditions, device inspections, pests and materials applied by the service technician

Commercial Reporting

Evolve provides you with the comprehensive reporting capabilities that you need to fully meet the needs of your commercial customers.  Using visual charts, graphs and diagrams you can gain insights that allow you to ensure statutory compliance.


  • Service and conditions history
  • Device inspections and trends
  • Pest findings and materials applied

Customer Portal

Evolve provides your customers with a web-based or mobile portal that is customized with your logo and company picture.  This branded portal gives your customers the ability to make payments, view past invoices, request services and set notifications for email alerts.


  • Visibility to past service visits including all service related documents
  • On demand reporting
  • Management of their profile