Industry Solution: Mechanical (HVAC)

Evolve Keeps Technicians in the Field and in Front of Customers

Evolve is an End-to-End Field Service Management application designed for organizations that install, repair and maintain mechanical and motorized equipment at Residential and Commercial sites. Mechanical companies can benefit from the base Evolve product, plus gain extra functionality for flat rate pricing, vehicle inventory management, purchase order replenishment and a load calculator sales tool. With Evolve we turn technicians into revenue producers by allowing them to diagnose a problem in the field and quickly prepare a professional repair estimate that includes both labor and parts.

The Benefits

  • A single application platform that scales to support multi-branch, multi-service line operations
  • Fully supports sales and service activities
  • Mobile ready platform that manages and enhances all interactions with your customers
  • Smart Scheduling and advanced route optimization features to efficiently schedule reoccurring maintenance customers
  • Field users can see all past and future service appointments on their smartphone or tablet, as well as all historical customer documents, photos, diagrams and notes
  • Mobile application that speeds field data collection and generates service documents that can be signed electronically by the customer 
  • Personal, automated texts or emails generated within minutes of completing service inviting customers to submit a review
  • Flexible invoicing and payment processing capabilities, including a “set and forget” auto-charging capabilities
  • Recurring services can be set to auto-renew and create service work orders over the duration the renewed agreement
  • Robust commission management and reporting

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Key Mechanical (HVAC) Features

HVAC Load Calculator

Load Calculator is a mechanical sales tool that produces professional reports with heating and cooling capacity requirements. It uses GPS and Zillow information (ceiling height, square footage) along with selectable inputs for R-Factor and a Heating Factor to calculate the estimated heating and cooling requirements.


  • Mobile friendly - Runs on an iPad.
  • R-Factor and Heating Factor inputs are adjustable to account for building age, sun exposure and other factors affecting the load calculation.
  • Customizable PDF Report can be emailed directly to the customer.


Evolve’s inventory module provides real-time warehouse and truck inventory. With features such as bar-coding, flat rate price book integration and multi-warehouse management, Evolve provides the tools to effectively service and repair your customer's equipment.


  • Min/Max Inventory Replenishment.
  • Real-time view of equipment on hand.
  • Track serialized products and and systems by customer.

Flat Rate Price Book

Sales and service personnel in the field can quickly and accurately engage with standard, contract and after-hours pricing to quote and perform repair services.


  • Technicians are guided to add the correct materials to the recommended repair, with or without a markup.
  • Field personnel can review a write-up of the repair estimate with the customer. With flexible discounting rules, customers can sign agreements on-site while management is notified of price changes.
  • Technicians are prompted to add the correct materials to the Service Work Order and the integration with inventory lets the technician know if the materials needed to perform the repair are in the vehicle.

Purchase Orders

Evolve’s purchase order module provides a collaborative interface to purchase, notify vendors, receive and reconcile products directly into Evolve.


  • Integrates with Evolve's Inventory Module.
  • Visibility into historical pricing by product or by vendor when ordering.
  • Easily receive product and reconcile receipts.