Industry Solution: Lawn Care and Maintenance

Lawn Care Organizations Rely on Evolve

Lawn service organizations strictly operate in the field at commercial sites or residential homes.  Evolve provides the ability to easily schedule a series of events with different recurrences and pricing structures.  Evolve enables the optimization of every route and every appointment on that route for all your lawn maintenance crews.  When inclement weather occurs, you can easily multi-select and drag & drop to move a day or a week to another crew.  With our End-to-End application you will have 100% visibility into past appointments, previous treatments and current activities.

The Benefits of Evolve for Lawn Care organizations

  • A single application platform that scales to support multi-branch, multi-service line operations
  • Fully supports sales and service activities
  • Advanced contract management and payment plans, allowing the combination of multiple contracts into a single monthly payment plan
  • Smart Scheduling and advanced route optimization features to efficiently schedule customers for service
  • Mobile platform that manages and enhances all interactions with your customers
  • Field users can see all past and future service appointments on their smartphone or tablet, as well as all historical customer documents, photos, diagrams and notes
  • Personal, automated texts or emails generated within minutes of completing service inviting customers to submit a review
  • Flexible invoicing and payment processing capabilities, including a “set and forget” auto-charging capabilities
  • Recurring services can be set to auto-renew and create service work orders over the duration the renewed agreement
  • Robust commission management and reporting

A demo of Evolve is the first step in transforming your business.