Smart Scheduler

Schedule Faster and Smarter

Evolve's rule based scheduling capabilities remove the guesswork when scheduling your technicians. You define what services a technician can perform and where they can perform them.  Evolve uses that to enable you to quickly schedule the right technician for a job.  A technician's route can be optimized to minimize travel and idle time.  With Smart Scheduler, we increase the productivity of your schedulers and reduce the downtime of your field staff.

“ Before we implemented Evolve, only a few people could schedule. Now anyone who picks up the phone can schedule the right person, with the right skill set, at a time that is convenient for the customer and technician.”

Key Smart Scheduler Benefits

Rules Based Scheduling

Office staff can quickly schedule a one-time service or all recurring services for the duration of the contract. The schedule for each customer can be locked if they have a specific preference for service days and times.

Route Optimization

Evolve uses the latest mapping technology to optimize routes and minimize travel time between jobs. Ensure the right technician is sent to the right job on the most effecient route possible.

Rapid Response

With real time visibility, you can send the right technician in the most convenient proximity to priority customers.

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