Form Builder

Eliminate Tedious Paperwork

Evolve'e robust form creation tool allows you to create digital copies of your paper forms for technicians to complete in the field.  The digital forms organize the field data collection into intuitive, easy to use sections that allows your technicians to spend more time with customers and less time filling out paperwork.

Using predefined widgets you can layout the form to display data from the customer's account, the service work order or data to be entered by the technician.  Mobile groups are used to logically organize the data to be collected by the technician.  Form Builder can be used by technically savvy, non-developers.  So with a little training and practice, you can create and maintain your own forms. 

“ We managed over 300 PDF copies including state compliance forms. We were able to successfully replicate every single form in our database using Evolve’s Form Builder. It made life so easy on our field technicians.”

Key Form Builder Benefits

Improve Field Efficiency

Replace paperwork with digital forms that are intuitive and easy to use. Forms are connected to your customer database so technicians only enter data that is new to the job using checkboxes, radio buttons and advanced tables.

Reduce Paperwork

Recreate forms in a powerful way that reduces work order data reentry and capture. Building forms is fast and easy with drag and drop widgets such as logo inserts, customer data population, date/time stamping and service/billing data.

Customer Review

Technicians can preview and update the final version of the form to be sent to the customer. It can also be previewed and signed by the customer. Electronic signatures can be incorporated into the completed form.

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