How to Virtually Guarantee Better Customer Service After Each Visit

How to Deliver Personalized, Complete Follow-Ups On A Consistent Basis


Evolve Service Software

One of the most important aspects of retaining customers in your field service business is making sure they are happy with the work you do.

But just doing the work is not enough—you also need to make sure each customer knows exactly what you did, how you did it, and why it’s important.

Unfortunately, many technicians neglect this part of the service call. They may rely on jotting down hard-to-read notes on invoices or door-hangers—which are impersonal and tend to get ignored.

Of course, it’s ideal to spend a few moments chatting with your customers on-site. Nothing beats face-to-face contact, so you can explain things clearly, answer any questions and reinforce your professionalism and expertise.

Often, however, it’s not possible to speak with customers after service visits. They may be away or unavailable—or you may be pressed for time before your next appointment.

So how can you deliver personalized, complete follow-ups on a consistent basis?

Evolve field service software customer report

The Secret to Consistent, Personalized Service Reports

The secret is to use modern, mobile-friendly software that is easy-to-use, and gives your field technicians the ability to record and send details of the work they performed in just a minute or two.

At Evolve, our mobile field service app {link to Product Tour main page} puts all the right reporting tools at technicians’ fingertips. Instead of fumbling for a pen or pencil to scrawl a handwritten note, they can:

  1. Add written notes. Rather than writing notes by hand, technicians can type or “dictate” typing to add key details about services they performed.
  2. Take photos of the work performed. As they say, pictures are worth 1,000 words. Customers appreciate being shown exactly where you focused your service efforts—such as items you fixed, treatments you applied, etc.
  3. Record an audio message. For an even more personal, “human” touch, you can record short audio messages. These are great for describing any issues you encountered that may need additional follow-on services…or for reinforcing thoughtful touches such as, “And I made sure to close your backyard gate and swept the clippings off your walkway.”
  4. Email a complete report to the customer. From their smartphone, technicians can send an email containing all of the above information, along with a copy of the work order, to the customer. This ensures there is a digital record that, unlike paper notes, can be saved and easily referred to during future appointments.

Look Forward to More Customer-Friendly Reporting Tools In the Future

We wish we could tell you we are working on holographic messages to send your customers—but that is still the stuff of science fiction for now. 😀

But we are working on an exciting new feature that will give technicians the ability to record and share video clips with your customers. We expect to make this available in the Evolve mobile app early next year.

Videos will go even further in being able to virtually connect and communicate with your customers—to keep them in the loop and reassure them that you are completing the work to their satisfaction.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about Evolve’s mobile field service solutions.