How to Choose the Best Lawn Care Software

Here are the top considerations you need to have when evaluating software to run your lawn care business efficiently.


Evolve Service Software

“What’s the best lawn care software?”

That’s a great question, and one we have worked to answer since launching the Evolve software platform in 2014!

Of course, we are a little biased and proud of our software. We think it’s the best software for lawn care companies as well as providers of dozens of other field services—ranging from electrical to HVAC/mechanical maintenance, handyman, landscaping, pest control, termites and more.

But don’t just take our word for it. Below are the top considerations you need to have when evaluating software to run a lawn care business efficiently.

Top Lawn Care Business Software: Features and Benefits

When searching for the best lawn care business software, you should always begin with one primary goal in mind: serving your customers in the best way possible.

With that in mind, the main features of software for lawn care professionals include:

Overall Functionality

From a high-level standpoint, the software you use must be:

Easy to use - it goes without saying that if it’s too complicated or runs slowly, it won’t be effective

Customizable - There is no “one size fits all” application, and you should have the ability to create things like custom forms that match your businesses’ unique service offerings and procedures

Mobile-Friendly - Today, it is imperative that any lawn care business application work flawlessly in the field. It has to be extremely intuitive, fast-loading and reliable even in areas with poor reception.

Scalable from small to large organizations - It should support everything from a 2-person operation to multi-branch, multi-service line operations

Backed by Superior Customer Support - If you ever have an issue with your lawn care software, you should be able to count on getting in touch with a customer service representative who can resolve the problem quickly.


Every lawn care service engagement or contract starts with a sale. You will need software that serves as the central Customer Relationship Management or CRM for tracking your customers throughout their lifecycle.

This includes full customer profiles, preferences, billing information, desired services and order history.

The best lawn care software will allow you to store customized information about your services, along with digital descriptions and forms you can modify and send to customers and prospective customers for their review and approval.

Customer Communications

Core features of the best lawn care business software include:

Pre-appointment messages. Confirm and remind customers of their appointments, and send updates by SMS when technicians are on the way or delayed

Post-appointment messages. Report on the work performed, address any new or outstanding issues, and offer additional services. Send personal, automated texts or emails within minutes of completing service, and invite customers to submit a review.

Billing and invoicing. Send one-time invoices as well as set up recurring payment schedules.

Employee Management

The heart of lawn care business software provides 360-degree insights into your operations, from the back-office to technicians working in the field.

Must-have features include:

Job Scheduling

Quickly schedule and adjust all of your appointments based on various criteria

Provide all information “at a glance” on desktop and mobile devices

Routing and Route Optimization

There is no excuse anymore not to use sophisticated map routing and GPS tracking to ensure your technicians are always optimizing their time and serving customers as efficiently as possible.

Top lawn care software like Evolve combines in-vehicle tracking devices with software mapping capabilities so you can continually monitor and adjust your routes.

Field Data Collection

Make it easy and fast to collect field data and generate service documents that can be signed electronically by the customer. Give service technicians the ability to quickly and fully document the work performed including documents, photos, diagrams, audio recordings and typewritten notes.


Give your technicians the ability to easily update their time in the field and log other details you require, such as expenses incurred.

Invoicing and Payments

In addition to seamlessly billing customers and processing payments, your lawn care software should be able to share data with your accounting software such as Quickbooks.

Analytics and Reporting

As the “hub” of your business, the best lawn care software will give you dashboards to keep tabs on everything important to you, ranging from:

Learn More About the Best Lawn Care Software

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